Friday, March 11, 2016

Missing update icon in Linux Mint Cinnamon


I noticed my Update Manager icon was missing from my panel. This shows the status of your updates and shows if you have any waiting. I opened the application from the menu, (Menu > Administration > Update Manager, or typing "Update Manager" in the menu), and I had updates. Puzzled that I had no notification, I rebooted my machine, and still no icon. I opened the Update Manager again, looked at some options in preferences, but nothing seemed to restore the icon to the panel. After searching the internet, I found my problems, yes plural.

Problem number 1: Missing System Tray

I discovered my System Tray applet had gone missing. Awesome! That's my problem, easy fix to get my Update Manager icon back.

  1. Right-click the panel
  2. Add applets to the panel
  3. Type "system tray" or scroll to find it
  4. Select "System Tray"
  5. Click Add to Panel
A slight readjustment of preferential placement in panel edit mode, and my System Tray was back. But my Update Manager was not there. So I rebooted, but still no joy.

Problem number 2: Hidden icon

Another search on the internet turned up the mintUpdate,conf file as a possible culprit. So I opened my ~/.config/linuxmint/mintUpdate.conf file in nano, (could have opened it in a text editor in the GUI). I found a line that looked to be another problem.
hide_systray = True
I changed the line to False, saved the file, and rebooted (could have just logged out then in again). Success! My Update Manager icon was back.


So in the end it was two easy fixes. How did I manage to hide my Update Manager AND remove my System Tray? Well, I blame my 18 month old daughter for it going missing. I am running Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon Edition, but I suspect these fixes would work for any of the recent Mint versions.

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Pallav said...

Thanks, man. I managed to hide/remove my update manager through some random clicking and your first solution worked.