Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Fetch Job Error" on KDE logout

About a few weeks ago when I would shut down my desktop computer running Arch with KDE, I'd get this small screen pop up that was titled, "Fetch Job Er", with the rest of the word "Error" missing. The text in the window said, "Unknown Error", with an OK button to click. Sounds like every Windows error I've ever seen. It was very annoying, but nothing seemed broken. I did a lot of research (read Google searches), and found only a few people with the exact same error, but no one really having a solution of getting rid of it. They just had fixes for people to try, most people reporting that nothing worked.

I found through my searches this was tied to the "kdepim" package, which is a suite of Personal Information Management tools, none of which I used. All my PIM tools are in Google (email, calendar, reader, blogger, etc). So I got rid of it. If you use any features of it, you are going to have to do your own searches on how to fix it, or migrate to the cloud with Google!

To get rid of it, I ran the yaourt command, "yaourt -R kdepim". If you don't have yaourt, you can do the same in pacman, "pacman -R kdepim". Once the package was gone I had to reboot once (to stop some service I never figured out), and then the error was gone.

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Anonymous said...

You're a true gentleman/lady and a scholar.

I had the same issue for about 3 weeks on Fedora 16, and resolved the issue by removing kdepim via yum.