Monday, October 24, 2011

Tux Pumpkin update

I've noticed that my post from 2005 and my Tux pumpkin has become a popular hit according to Google Analytics. I've also seen that Googling "Tux Pumpkin" results in my 2005 post coming up as #5 result.

I was checking the link for the stencil in that post, and saw it is no longer available from pumpkin lady, at least not free. I located another place with the stencil, and as a service to the internet, and Linux lovers everywhere, I will host the images through this blog.

The site I found the stencils on is Josh, I hope you don't mind me borrowing these images, yet still giving you credit for originally hosting them. Most importantly Josh has two different types of stencils. This first one, you just cut out like you would any other stencil, remove everything except the black. The second one you actually cut out the black, except shaded grey areas are for skinning the pumpkin so the light shines through, but the pumpkin meat remains in these areas. Send me a message if you are confused by any of this. Without further delays, here are the stencils (Important: click on the image to get the full size, then right-click, and save image).

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