Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can a KDE user change to Gnome?

I was having issues with XFCE as a window manager locking up after an hour, and other small things not working. So I went searching for something different. I decided to give Fedora 15 a try with Gnome 3.

After installing from DVD, the interface had a generally clean appearance. I had to play with it a few minutes to find how to switch between virtual desktops. I'm sure there was a hot key, but it needs to be available easier by mouse.

The task bar and launcher are combined, and pop up when you move your mouse to the top left of the screen. It was a little awkward to find programs, but there is a search bar you can just start typing to find a program you want.

The most annoying thing was the lack of customization. I couldn't find anything about the interface except the desktop wallpaper that I could change that would make it all personalized.

This is what I miss the most about KDE. I am currently downloading Fedora 15 with KDE. I guess as a hard-core KDE user, you can't change to Gnome with any amount of regret or disappointment.

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