Saturday, December 03, 2005

Automatic updates for free

That's right. Mandriva charges you for updating your computer automatically, much like Windows updater. But you can do it for free, with a quick edit of one file.

I like to work from the command line, so I will explain it from there. It's not all that hard.

  1. Open a Konsole window, and su to root
  2. Open up your favorite command-line editor, I like vi. I typed vi /etc/cron.daily/update
  3. Hit i to insert text. Enter these lines:
urpmi ––auto ––update ––auto-select --auto-update
  1. Hit Esc, then type :wq
  2. Back at the command line, type chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/update
That's it. Line 1 in the file states which shell to run the script in. Line 2 says grab a list of updated packages and for any files that need to be updated that are installed on this computer, do it, and include any dependent packages as well.

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John M said...

Nice tip. I use OpenSuse, but it's nice to learn about tips and tricks in case I ever change over.