Saturday, September 10, 2005

Installing Firefox

Get Firefox!I Love love love love love love love love Firefox.
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate IE.
Mandriva 2005 comes with Firefox 1.0.2, but I want the latest and greatest. Here is how to install it. And if you are running a distro that doesn't have it, this will help you too.

1. Go to, and d/l the latest firefox version. The website should detect you are in linux from your browser headers, and display the correct choice for you. If not, just find it in the downloads.
2. I located where my current version of firefox was installed. I typed “locate firefox” and found it was in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-1.0.2/. I think /usr/lib is a good place to install the new version, but I am gonna rename the directory to firefox-version number.
3. Next, open a console window, and change to root by typing “su -”. The “-” will load the root enviroment settings, which may be important for installing.
4. I created a directory in roots home called “to-install” where I can unzip and work with the files. I then moved the downloaded gzip file there.
5. Moving to the "to-install" directory, I first unzipped with the command “tar -zxvf file-name”. -z runs gzip first, then x will extract, v is verbose, and shows you what is happening, and finally f specifies the file name will come next.
6. Cd into the "firefox-installer" directory, and run “./firefox-installer”. If you don't have all the proper libraries, it will tell you which ones are missing. I was missing the All I did was go into the GUI packaging software, and installed them. You can also type “rpmdrake” from the command line, and the GUI will come up for you. Click the “Maximum information” radio button, and put in the search box the file you are missing. Then look in the file list for each result that comes up, to make sure the missing file is there. There is nothing worse than installing a bunch of un-needed libraries. Select the proper package to install, and install it. Repeat the process for any other packages you are missing. For a complete list of libraries needed, look at the System Requirements link on the same page you downloaded firefox. Be sure to read my blog entry about updating linux.
7. You will have to create a shortcut to “/usr/lib/firefox-version/firefox”. Or use the “Menudrake” program.

That's it. Enjoy Firefox, the greatest browser on Earth.

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